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Young Engineers – Wycombe and South Bucks Programs

We believe the best way to educate children is through games. Games can be tools that help children learn about themselves and the world around them. We believe in knowing how to make children enjoy all learning materials, and how to properly communicate with the child so that they will absorb the subject matter.  e2 Young Engineers program provides a new platform for children to construct, demonstrate and understand scientific principles through gaming experience; children understand that they need to better understand their learning material in order to improve their gaming.

We therefore bring you the Lego Challenge program which introduces primary school children (ages 6 onwards) to the basic principles of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). By integrating basic arithmetic learned in school with an intuitive active learning process, children grasp a better understanding of the fundamentals of physics and engineering concepts.

Brick Challenge 

young engineers conveyer Every lesson in each of our edutainment programs begins with a theoretical explanation of the topic that will be covered. Once the introduction is complete, the children begin the hands-on portion of the lesson and start creating a model that helps visually demonstrate the topic. This reinforces the concept by combining a fun, engaging experience with the act of learning.

Once the practical part of the lesson is completed, we begin the critical thinking, enhancement and invention stage. During this stage, the child is given an opportunity to use the information they just learned to create a solution to a specific question to practice their problem-solving skills. This further encourages the child to creatively discover a solution while exploring the subject in-depth. At this point in the lesson, the participant has the option to keep creating on their own or simply play and enjoy the model they worked to build.

The final part of each lesson is the clean-up stage. Each child carefully takes apart the model they have built and arranges the parts back in their e² Young Engineers kit. This is a crucial part of the lesson as it helps children pick up the habit of placing things back in their proper place while learning to clean up after themselves.

Ages: Year 1 -Year 6

Average lesson duration: 75-90 minutes

Program Subjects Include 

Basic and complex mathematics: Instructors teach basic maths, from addition and subtraction to exponents.

Famous scientific and philosophical figures: Archimedes, Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, and more.

Powers and principles in physics: Centrifugal and centripetal forces, the power of inertia, potential energy, kinetic energy, action/reaction law, buoyancy, torque, fulcrum, load division, angular momentum, and more.